S.K.S. Perry is a Sgt currently serving in his 30th year in the Canadian Forces. Steve doesn't like violence; he's just really good at.

He has a lovely wife, two great kids, and a house full of teddy bears that totally put lie to his tough guy image. When no one is looking he's also a drummer in rock band, and holds black belts in seven different martial arts.

His plan is to one day be independently wealthy, or even dependently wealthy--he doesn't really care whose money it is as long as they let him spend it. He has written 4 books to date and plans to write more, unless someone pays him enough to stop.

He has just completed his Heroic Fantasy, THE MOONLIGHT WAR, and is currently working on the 3rd book in the DARKSIDE series, DARKSIDE: DAMNED IF YOU DO.

Consider yourselves warned.

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